Replica Aide Memoire Card Set of EIGHT cards

Replica Aide Memorie Card Set of EIGHT cards—$68 Ausbildungstafeln für das Nachrichtenwesen Training boards for communications I / 1a fernsprech – Stórungsdienst I / 1a telephony – fault service II / IIa Ausnutzung des Netzes der deutschen Reichspost durch die Truppe II / IIa Utilization of the network of the German Reichspost by the troops…
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Kartenbrett Heer —-WWII German Map Board Replica

WWII German Map Board Replica A faithful replica piece of the textbook example ‘Kartenbrett Heer’. Made by German carpenter in furniture grade Beech wood. Spring steel hardware and hinges, more robust than original. Leather secure strap with snap button and leather pencil holder. Transparent press straps. Measured: 370 x 245mm when closed. 370 x 490mm…
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Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone—Now Available

Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone —$188 Due to China virus and other unexpected factors, 13 months passed since last announcement. The long delayed Microphone is duly available now. Based on WH Restorer standard, it is designed to last and for work in field or for display. Features: *95% identical to original. *Robust Solid POM body.…
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Spare bulbs storage block for Headlamp box

Spare bulbs storage block for Headlamp box with 11x 6V bulbs–$83 Most of the survived ‘Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte’ boxes been emptied the partitions, even with metal partitions the wooden block at the middle was useless to the new owners. For any restoration project, this block is a must.

Textile fabric sleeve cable for Kopfhörer & Kehlkopfmikrofon

Textile fabric sleeve cable for Kopfhörer & Kehlkopfmikrofon One more step closer to original looks and feels; the textile fabric sleeve in brown color is duly available. Close to the original textile and color in 4mm diameter with correct tactile sensation. Now available as an upgrade option. For both Headset and Throatmic—-$38 For single Headset…
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Stationuhr Pouch Replica

One of the best reproduction leather case for WWII German Station Clock (stationsuhr) –$195 Only few pieces was made by the master saddler on his busy schedule. A must to protect the Station Clock during transportation and to complete the collection of a Funker in German Army..

Spare Vacuum Tubes Roller for Torn Fu d2 Replica

Replica Spare Vacuum Tubes Roller for Torn Fu d2–$68 A must for every d2 collectors, the set will not be completed without it. With all correct markings and features. (Tubes not included) The roller in the top right compartment of the Zubehör box. It stores six RV2P800 tubes, two RL2T2 tubes and one microphone capsule…
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Panzer Headset/Throatmic Box for Open/Close vehicle.

Replica Box for Panzer Headsets & Throatmics now available for order. Box body in 1mm steel and 1.2mm on top cover. Weight around 1.6kg. Latches made in Germany. Two versions available: *Box for Closed vehicles (Panzer) with latch without lock pad–$188 plus shipping. *Box for Open vehicles with latch with lock pad–$188 plus shipping (Pad…
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Pertrix Battery Boxes Replica

Pertrix Battery Boxes Replica. Two versions of Pertrix boxes are available, both are $12 each. The blue box is 250gsm, both ends need to seal by glue. The kraft box is 300 gsm can be stays in shape without gluing. A must to complete your collection or projects.    

Replica Panzer Headband-

Replica Panzer Headband–$85 plus postage. Replacement headband for Dfh.b and Dfh.d earpieces. Exact copy but modified to fits modern head size. Hand stitching leather sleeve or without leather and cushion for late war 44 version.