Remote Control LED set for lantern

Remote Control Set for German Bakelite Lantern Pre Order—US$38 plus $9 p&p worldwide. Multiple units to be quote case by case. Per order Phase—Ten days (30 August to 8 September 2021). I accept Paypal:   After posted my crazy idea to light up my one and only Bakelite lantern, many enquiries rush…
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Latch with locking eyelet and hook system

Latch system with lock patch for WWII German storage boxes. In set of TWO (Two Latches and Two Hooks). A-70mm B-26mm C-4mm Made in Germany in original design. In Nickle plate finish. A must for restoration and projects. $35 per set plus postage.

Latch set of two for WWII German Radio and Equipment Boxes

Latch system for WWII German radio/storage boxes. In set of TWO (Two Latches and Two Hooks).  A-70mm B-26mm C-4mm  Made in Germany in original design.  In Nickle plate finish.  A must for restoration and projects. $32 per set

Circuit 3.1 for Replica Radios

The long waiting circuit 3.1 had restocked and going fast–$220 Grip you circuit while stock last. Featured Walkie Talkie, FM Receiver with turning rod, MP3/ Bluetooth Player with file selector, Morse Key Practice, Antenna, Power/ Volume and finally Function Switch. All pack into 8x8cm circuit board. Due to the postal regulation Battery for the Walkie…
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Replica Bag for German Small Tripod

Replica Bag for German Small Tripod Tasche für Kleines spreizbares Scherenfernrohrgestell Replica Bag for German Small Tripod US$88+$12 postage worldwide. The original bag is too fragile to hold the tripod which is only to keep as reference, This exact replica bag is made of heavy canvas and leather with correct padding support inside, fits to…
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Original headset Y cable for sale

SOLD OUT Headphone Y cables for sale $65 plug shipping. New old stock unused unissued, period unknown. Fits for Dfh.a, Dfh.f or other headsets and restoration projects. Overall length 122cm. From earpiece to Y junction 4mm diameter. From Y junction to plug 6mm diameter. But too short for Panzer Headsets Dfh.b and Dfh.d. Special price…
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German Trench Mount (Restored)

Restored Trench Mount for sale–$150 and postage. This is my fourth Trench Mount, and the third one been restored as one is in brand new condition, I have one SF14z and two RK31, so three is enough. Very enjoyable restoration and time to fine a new home for it. The shaft been restored by aluminum…
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Panzer Headset Version P. and Version W. Upgrade

Many headset sold since the Panzer Headset version P –for smartphone launch at 2016 and followed by the version W–for walkie talkie. When the Panzer Personal Communication Set available, there was a scheme to replace the earpieces of version P and version W by the new earpieces with 175cm Y cable with two prong plug…
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French SPRI PUTEUX 6x monocular for sale.

French SPRI PUTEUX 6x monocular for sale —$280 plus shipping. Pre WWII old new stock from French Army surplus. French optics was widely adopted by the German after occupied France. Clean body with original paint, minor scratches by the interior of the pouch, clear markings, sliding tube and turning top section, folding handle smooth movement,…
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Upgrade your Morse Key by the rare ‘Taste’ engraved Two Prong Plug Replica

Its the chance to up grade your Morse Key with the plug with the rare engraved—- ‘Taste’. Thanks to modern technology, Its fun to replicate couple of two prong plugs for the Morse Key with ‘Taste’ engraved with identical font, to reach this depth the laser had to engraved ten times. Get your plug while…
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