Ffh 39d (Festungsfernhörer 39 doppelt) Bunker Headset for PC

New Headset for PC As request from more than three clients for a headset for PC use. Initially request was a Panzer Headset version P with long cable with 3.5 mm Stereo plug. But the Y shape cable is an obstacle when using keyboard or other instrument. The Bunker Headset is the best choice. It…
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Stencil–Nicht aufs Feuer Stellen

Put on anything to remind the meatheads not to destroy the kit. ‘Nicht aufs Feuer Stellen‘  (Not to Put On Fire) -Stencil for Food container or on the 8L milk pitcher. Size 110 x 37mm on kraft paper, reusable for couple of times. $13

KW27 (Kartenwinkelmesser) Replica

KW 27 (Kartenwinkelmesser)  Map protractor 27 Replica A good piece of kit for field use and keep your original in your display case. Accurately reproduced all details to originals. Not intended to produce a counterfeit product on the market all cards are marked with my logo: whr Full set with Pouch and Four Cards—$148 Card only…
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Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone TWO PRONG

Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone (TWO PRONG PLUG) —$188   On WH Restorer standard, it is designed to last and for work in field or for display. Features: *95% identical to original. *Robust Solid POM body. *Metal mesh with ‘Feind hört mit!’engraved. *56dB Electric Microphone Pickup Condenser MIC *5mm dia x 155cm brown nylon mesh…
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WL SpKl Bluetooth DIY kit

    The set is for modify the original WL SpKl boxes into a Bluetooth speaker and plug into the headset sockets of original or replica radios as a normal loudspeaker. (Not recommended to match with period loudspeakers).  Complete set $68 + postage Without speaker $43 + postage The kit consists of: *6 to 6.5…
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Cardboard Loudspeaker WL SpKI replica.2.0

The third batch of Cardboard Loudspeaker WR SpkI REPLICA 2.0 is taking preorder. The completed painted box by laser cut compress board to replaced the cardboard, which is more robust and long lasting. Designed to be plug into any period radios to amplified the audio signal or switch to Bluetooth mode to connect to your…
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WHR Intercom System 2.0 and 3.0

Since the first launch of the Junction Box on Autumn 2017, to connect the headset and throatmic with normal two and three prong plugs to the walkie talkie and smartphone. The demand of an intercom system was constantly received, as the walkie talkie are unable to function inside a metal box. With the help from…
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Junction Box with Mini XLR 5 Pin Socket

This is not an usual Panzer Personal Communication Set, the junction box had installed a Mini XLR 5 Pin Socket and has no walkie cable or phone cable. As requested by an organization with replica StuG III to install a special socket to our junction box in order to connect to their existing radio equipment.…
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Socket set for Two Prong and Three Prong Plugs

POM Sockets for Two Prong and Three Prong plugs are now available. Fits for any project of German Radios as well as Intercoms. Comes with 4mm banana socket tubes with nuts and contact plates. With a pair of M3 sink slot screws with 3mm nuts for anchoring. *Two Holes Socket Set—$25 *Three Holes Socket Set—$28…
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Textile Fabric Y Cable with True Replica Two Prong Plug

New Textile Fabric Y Cable with True Replica Two Prong Plug with leather enforcements.–$88 Plug is well anchored and conductivity tested. Ready to install to any original Dfh.b and Dfh.d earpieces. For Dfh.a and Dfh.f the leather will be replace by springs.