Panzer headset & throatmic

Panzer Dfh.b Version P &version W Today (17 January 2023)

Three headsets are on its way to new homes. These are the hot selling headsets since launched on Sept 2016 long before the full set available. It is a two way transmission in single wire. Able to speaks and hear with on single cable. And both are upgradeable to single way headset with two prong…
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The mounting of rubber earpads onto Dfh.a Kopfhörer (21 December 2022)

Yes and no to mount the rubber; The headband of the Dfk.a is close to head shape, there are no room for the rubber earpads. The earpiece of the Panzer Kopfhörer is 65mm in diameter. The earpiece of the Dfh.a is 63mm in diameter. The rubber earpads are designed to fits 65mm earpiece, so it…
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Ein Dfh.a Weihnachten–2022

Best wishes to you all have a Merry Christmas. A Dfh.a Christmas for everyone!!!

Panzer Headset for Walkie Talkie + Dummy Throatmic (15 December 2022)

Return customer ordered a Panzer Headset version W for walkie talkie with K1 plug and PTT and THREE dummy Throatmic Replica for their Sd.Kfz.222. They have three version W headsets already, the dummy Throatmics are for improving their impression. The version W equipped with 16Ω speakers are working fine in open vehicle with walkie talkie…
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Leather Stitching–Headbands–Neckbands (9 December 2022)

More leather stitching works on headbands and neckbands. Then Panzer headset, throatmic and Dfh.a all need leather sleeves. Mass production factory do have machines to handle it. But all I have are my hands and time . Average 30 mins per neckband and Dfh.a headbands. But Pz headbands needs do needs 40mins plus provided that…
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Full Panzer Personal Communication Set on its way to Egypt and UK 4 December 2022

Interested to see one of our replica set goes to Egypt where the Western Desert campaign took place, and the other set equipped the descendant of the 8th Army

Happy User of Panzer Headset & Throatmic Replica 26 November 2022

The Panzer Headset and Throatmic replica with textile fabric cable matching the original Waffen SS Panzer wrap so well. Made the center piece of the display in my friend’s office. (more like a museum IMHO).  

Panzer Throat Mics (Kmf b) Replica -9c 8 Aug 2017

The switch parts are moving very slow, sending sample back and forth. Just received two torsion springs, 200 pieces each, one for pushing the the PTT outward, and the other for pushing the locking switch upward. But they didn’t send back the original housing and spring. If it is lost, have to search for another…
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Panzer Throat Mics (Kmf b) Replica -10d 28 July 2017

First time the prototype headset and the prototype throatmic mounted together. The headset is still in bare aluminium, but the headband has some rust without coating protection. The production throat mic will be in anodized black, with brown wire, but the speech capsules will be in black, not brown. N No.0001 of the Panzer headset…
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Panzer Throat Mics (Kmf b) Replica -10c 28 July 2017

To joint the neck band and the speech housings together, a screw goes through the housing the spring strap and the press plate together, the result is excellence. Still not yet decided screw or rivet is better. But the housing extension is 5mm short, the production batch with have two screws to hold the housing…
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