Restoration of the Small expandable scissor telescope frame (Kleines spreizbares Scherenfernrohrgestell) (February 2020)

This rusty covered little tripod came with a fragile canvas case. It became a beauty after bathed by WD40. It is still robust after decades of negligence. The thin metal rods structure is the highest performant of German engineering and metallurgy. Once tried to cover it in OG to protect the bare metal. But  Glan…
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Small Tropod 31–Kleines Gestell 31 (February 2024)

Saw a Waffen SS carrying the RK31 leather pouches and a small tripod together like no weight at all. Triggered me to search for the tripod, and found it after six months also later learned that it’s named Kleines Gestell. And the single leather sling is the standard issue to infantry, the large leather bracket…
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Tripod 31 ‘Gestell 31’ No. 2 (January 2024)

This is my first period tripod, it is also marked as ‘Gestell 31’ by the seller. Can’t find any more information of its true name. Let me know if you knew the correct name.

Tripod 31 ‘Gestell 31’ (January 2024)

There are multiple types of optical equipment tripods used by the German military, but I have only two types. German period tripods for optics are new to me, due to its weight which made postage sky high I was never own one, but when completed the collection of the SF14G the next item to hunt…
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