Bud O’Toole

Oakleaf camo tunic made by Bud’s fabric on eBay

On October 2022 there was two camo tunics and some pieces of fabrics are selling on eBay. The seller is actually 1944 Militaria, but I don’t know the tunics are  recent made or new old stock. Bought one but not my size, the fabric is brand new.  

Panzer Wrap from Bud O’Toole

Really lucky to obtained this Oak Panzer wrap 1980 repro, fabric printed by my mentor the late Bud O’Toole. As I posted his pics on 2016 and on my Website, lead the trade came to me Perfectly fits me and well worn but in good condition, only minor damaged needs to be repair. Thank you…
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Fabric by Bud L O’Toole-1

Bud O’Toole was the pioneer of the replica German camo, usually he bought an original for pattern, located the fabric then hire a technician to hand print the fabric. This was one of the tunic made by his pattern and Fabric in 1978; This was based on the pattern of the Denim tunic and built…
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Bud L O’Toole–my friend my mentor

Bud L O’Toole Bud in a show on May 1981 in his Splinter outfit This was my 2004 post on my Blog ‘Unteroffizer Simon Klaus’. This is the one of the two photos I have of my friend Bud, in another pic he wore a big cowboy hat made a dark shade on his face.…
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