Newsletter No.3 (8 May 2023)

Dear All, Things moving slowly but staidly on this Spring, new projects been delayed but still reached the market. My newsletter subscription is over hundred now, but do tell your friends to joint so we can keep in touch even Facebook close my Page. Here is what happened: Facebook AI Chain Dog   WH…
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Facebook AI Chain Dog Straight Again

FB AI keeps digging out old posts of my FB Page ‘WH Restorer’ may be forced to close at any time. That’s why I need to establish a mailing list and moving my pics and videos out of FB. There are over one hundred friends joined my mailing list. Anyone are welcome to joint and…
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New Speaker for Panzer Headset to match with Intercom System

To match with the new Intercom system with volume adjustment knobs. A new thin 8 ohm 1.5W speaker is introduced to replace the old 6 ohm 16mm speaker. As the rubber earpads made the speaker away to the ears and forms a chamber for trapping sound, It allows the adjustment of the volume to counter…
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WH Restorer YouTube Channel

Recently opened a Youtube account under the name of WH Restorer. Mainly for storing my clips for attachment to this site and moving out from FB Page. Also to adds watermark ‘WH Restorer’ at lower right corner, as found my clips been use as someone posts without my approval. Not much on it now…
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Telephone Troop Second Model Original Protection Glove

Second Model Protection Glove for working with telephone wires–$58 Postwar Czech Military surplus with marking ZAZ TŘEBECHOVICE and some with cross daggers. ZAZ in leather city TŘEBECHOVICE of Czech Republic. Identical to period Handschuh of Heer Frensprechtrupp. New old stock never been use with storage marks. Leather still soft and strong, ready for action. Only…
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Artillery Range Ruler Replica.

The long waiting Artillery Range Ruler Replica is duly available..—$68 Only a small batch had been made, as price can’t comes down as the cheap replica recently on the market. As quality must be maintain, WRH products are built to last. It is laser burn away the anodize black top layer on the aluminum, the…
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WHR Intercom System 1.0

Since the first launch of the Junction Box on Autumn 2017, to connect the headset and throatmic with normal two and three prong plugs to the walkie talkie and smartphone. The demand of an intercom system was constantly received, as the walkie talkie are unable to function inside a metal box. With the help from…
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Newsletter No.2 (10 January 2023)

Dear All, Best wishes on 2023 and keep our hobby energetic. Looking forward for a good productive year to come. The mailing list is growing healthily, thank you for your support. The update of new products are as follow:   Map board Apology again for the delay of the map board, which is moving in…
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Newsletter No.1 (22 October 2022)

Dear All, Thank you for joining my newsletter. Here is the first Newsletter. The long waiting Dfh.a headset replica will be available on next week, Please find details here: Replica vs Original The Dfh.a is also matched with the Throatmic replica, Handmic replica with junction box and different cable for smartphone and walkie talkie connection. More…
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Happy New Year 2023

Thank you for your support on 2022. We wish you and your loved ones a joyful and prosperous 2023 We look forward for more new products coming out on 2023.