Not To Put On Fire–Nicht aufs Feuer Stellen

Trying to cover the marking of my 1953 Norwegian 13L food container. A stencil of Nicht aufs Feuer Stellen had made, which is copied from a cast iron cover. The white paint just covered the 1953 and made it into a German Speisenträger. I am very happy with the result.    

Long Way Home–My First Speisenträger

Almost every piece of my collection are come from other side of the globe, the postage always higher than the item itself. But the ESSENTRAGER is another story. As it took 67 days to reached me. Not by surface post but by air parcel and spent 114Euro on postage. I bought the Food container on…
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Painted my 1953 Norway 13L Food Container

My luck or not, as I want a per war to early war Speisenträger in all aluminum. If it is an original, according to critics this is a sin to remove original paint as many people want to keep it for next generation collectors after we die even half of the paint is falling apart.…
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German `Food Container (Speisenträger)Norway HØYANG made1953??

The all aluminum Speisenträger found no markings all over, covered with layers of paints and peeling off all round, its robust and in good shape. I though it is the early all aluminum container body and inner container, so it must be around 1930 to 1940 or earlier. The choice of repaint or preserve was…
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