SF14Z Gi

SF14Z Gi & RK31 Family Group Photo (January 2024)

When searching the sinking old post of my FB Page found nothing of my SF14Z Gi mounted on tripod 31. Also haven’t post its transport case in full gear condition. When the weather was allowed tried to take a group photos so dug out all my tripods, SF14Z in its case, RK31 with wooden and…
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Battle of Authion (June 2021)

My friend sent me pics of his event. Scherenfernrohr S.F. 14 Z Gi mounted on Kleines spreizbares Scherenfernrohrgestell. I was really wished that I could be joint them.

SF14Z on Small expandable scissor telescope frame (Kleines spreizbares Scherenfernrohrgestell) (March 2020)

If the German name is correct this dedicated designed was specially for supporting the heavy SF14Z scissor telescope in more maneuverable way. Playing with it with and without the Messkreis and lighting devices, but once again it was facing the wall in my yard. LOL!!

SF14G on Gestell 31 (January 2024)

This is the second time I mounted the SF14G on to the Gestell 31 for group photos. Together with the luminating system from the head lamp set (Strinlampe). Here is the typical textbook example. .

My SF14 Transportation Case Full Gear (January 2024)

Didn’t post any pics after converted the French box back to German spec and filling up the contents over the years. I think I had collect most of it, but didn’t pay big dollars for the original cleaning brush but made one. Here is the translated content list: 1x S.F    1x Measuring Circuit (Meßkreis) …
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SF 14Z Transportation Cases Variations (May 2020)

Know nothing of the SF14Z carrying case before, not until took apart my box for debug and disinfectant, then learned the detail layout; basically it was designed for keeping the trench bino (S.F.), a pair of sunshade tubes (Regenschutzrohre), a drum (Meßkreis), a tree stand (Eingelenkbaumschraube), a battery box (Behälter für Stromquelle) with the optic…
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SF14Z Transport Case –French Conversion (June 2020)

Francois Couderc show me his French 10 x 50 trench bino set, the carrying case is similar to mine, should be a conversion or reconstruction by same factory after the war. The major indicator is the long leather wrapped spring press, and the contain list is in France. So my box should be from French…
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SF14 Transport Case 1 (June 2020)

Obtained this SF14 carrying case months later, it is the correct period all wood fittings case which is in affordable price range (there are double and triple prices on market) and I am the only bidder and the winner, may be the title is not related to SF14 key words. Its was well packed in…
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Scherenfernrohr S.F. 14 Z Gi Restoration -3 (January 2020)

The lenses had been professionally cleaned, tried to make a protection covers even didn’t confirmed it fits the period or not. Found only handful of pics has covers on top lens and one pic on bottom lens of the SF14z but didn’t know it is postwar or not, but practical enough. Happened to have some…
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Scherenfernrohr S.F. 14 Z Gi Restoration -2 (January 2020)

After repaired by the master, my Slovakian friend fits the replica sun hoods to the S.F.14Z and painted German grey to fits its manufacture year as well as my collection period of prewar and early war. It was then packed with care and sent to me by speed post, however it didn’t avoid the damage…
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