M35 KMT China

Liner for China KMT M35 helmet—19 November 2022

Learn a lot on this liner and fortunately found a good original leather and liner as well as good replica liner. Below article is from Alexander & Sons Restoration: https://alexanderandsonsrestorations.com/helmet-chinese/ The aluminum liner used during this era is referred to by collectors a the unreinforced version. Between 1931 and 1937 German factories produced this version.…
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Chinese KMT M35 helmet– 11 October 2022

Never dream of owning this—Chinese KMT M35 helmet. Purchase from a Canadian Chinese collector in very low price. Was a semi relic found in rural Shanghai, been hasty repainted, with two manufacturer stamps ET62 and ET66, the 62 was a misstamp, the front is matching other existing KMT shells. The ET hating lot number ranging…
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