Panzer Headsets

Original Cardboard Box for Panzer Kopfhörer

Thank you for this beautiful gift from T Corner. He sent me this original cardboard box for Panzer Kopfhöreron after he received his Panzer headset version W. The box is in good condition only had some tear at on corner, its an easy fixed by white glue. On one side it has a big red…
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Dfh.b 43 Restoration

This was a relic headset bought from eBay on 2017, as the price was affordable and all completed but rusty. And this is a good training and reference for developing my replica Pz headsets projects.  

Panzer Kopfhörer Dfh. b 45 Version

1945 Wehrmacht armoured vehicle headphone Doppelfernhörer b . The frame is simplified without leather covering. This lot was bought for euro 60. But didn’t know there was a late war Pz headset.

Panzer Kopfhörer Dfh.d

My Dfh.d headset is missing the plug which is very rare to find, so I made a replica plug, not expected to own an original plug. Got this special Christmas Gift from Brad Blondet, an original plug for Dfh.d headset. Such a hard to find item, a slim chance to find, however when I posted…
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My Panzer Headsets and Throatmics collection

Over the years my collection of the Panzer Headsets is growing, started from relics Dfh.b to perfect Dfh.b then the Late war 44 Dfh.b and the most rare Dfh.d on last year. Was only concentrated on the most common throatmic Kmf.b, never dream of owning the prewar Kmf.2 and the Kmf.c.     Everything started…
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