Restored Items

Empty Socket Plug Set

Another scam case even not related but listed with the GLUE ON CABLES. Bought this period plug/socket set to be install onto the WR!/P Rudi troop entertainment receiver. But found out the socket has no conductive parts inside upon opened. The seller may be never checked whenever obtained, but will never know.

V shape cable on Original Dfh.a on Leather Under Helmet Headband

Another case of GLUE on plug on my Original Dfh.a with Original leather Under Helmet Headband. Came from a reputation seller from Germany. I don’t think he knew iit is glue on, but just claimed without test. It came in a V shape cable; two cable for earpiece jointed at the plug, not a Y…
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Original Dfh.a on Leather Under Helmet Headbands

Both restored original Dfh.a ear[pieces are mounted onto the leather under helmet headbands. The functional one is on the replica headband. The display set is mounted onto the original headband. Immediately the different are shown, the original leather is too short for modern head size. The replica headband is long enough to wear.  

Dfh.a Earpiece Restoration–The Glued On Y Cable

The second pair of Dfh.a earpieces came with a postwar Cz Y shape cable. The housings are in bad shape, the spring at the cable tubes was rusted away. What a scam to find is this postwar cable was glued on. The cables on the earpieces are easy to pull out, but the plug took…
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Dfh.a Original Earpieces Restored–The One That Back To Life

Its been a long time haven’t restoring original earpieces even there are around a dozen of original earpieces in my storage. Just completed this long delayed project for my friend; actually two pairs of Dfh.a. One pair with a cut cables (bottom) and the other pair has a full length Y cable and a period…
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Boot Tree–Stiefelspanner Restoration

It was sent in a big box without cushions or protection, lucky to received in one piece. The left foot of the boot tree was broken in halve, it is holding together by a long nail horizontally. All the metal part are rusty but robust, one pin on the shaft is missing. Some wood warm…
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Wehrmacht Handsirene JURK 1940

Totally restored this handheld siren, but no pics found to support it is an issued item to the front line troops or it is a Luftschutz item. However there is a Waffenamt mark found on the stand in double stamped WaA38. By JURK Sirenfabrik Radeberg (Sn) 1940, no.3424. It should be for troop level to…
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Ten Lines Connectors Family

Didn’t noticed that I had collected and restored the basic gear of a field phone station for near a decade. After restored the strap connector recently dug out all the goodies from storage for taking group photos. Hope I can set up a complete display soon. Left to right: Der Feldfernsprecher 33 ( FF 33…
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Field Cable Connection box (Feldkabelanschlusskasten)–1 (11 Nov 2018)

Obtained this Feldkabelanschlusskasten from Germany, covered with thick dust and rusty cover. Its made of two different grade of Bakelite formed the base, panel and knobs. The metal cover has some minor deformed over decades, some jointed had expended by water, rust expends and pushed the spot welds aparte. Not that difficult to restore. Should be…
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My Completely Restored Strap Connector ‘Kammleiste (neuer Art) (19 April 2023)

Happy to finished the restoration. The whole unit is back to life, it is functional and in like new condition. Except the frame is a bit deformed, no longer straight, but the ‘Fingers’ was clamp on the ten line switch board to dry, made it fits perfectly. The broken label had also cleaned and restored,…
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