Dfh.a Headset Bulk Purchase Discount–23 November 2022

Dfh.a Headset Bulk Purchase Discount–23 November 2022

Group Purchase Discount for FOUR SETS and above of:

  • Single Dfh.a headset –original price $168–group purchase discount price $140.
  • (in 4mm brown nylon cable with spring steel headband OR leather headband)


  • Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone —original price $188–group purchase discount price $168.
  • (in 5mm brown nylon cable.)


  • Throatmic–original price $250–group purchase price $230.
  • (in 4mm brown nylon cable)


Existing orders and past orders are eligible for for Group Purchase discount when reached the FOURTH set.

The discounted amount will be deducted from set one,

E.g., Bought 1x $250 throatmic and delivered, when new order reached the FOURTH set, the different $20 will be deduct from the sum.

30% deposit on total, balance can be by instalment in your own schedule.

Postage will be calculate when completed and packed.

  • All 4mm brown nylon cable can be upgrade to 4mm Textile Fabric Cable for $20 per set.
  • One year free maintenance warranty for all sets.
  • Except postage to and from buyer to me, parcel can be sent to my courier within nine countries and forward to me in lowest cost.




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