Replica VS Original Kartenbrett Heer

The replica is 200g heavier than original, due to furniture grade breech wood. Original was not made for last as many issued items in any forces. The aged and darker color board is the original. More fragile than my replica due to aged and quality of wood and metal.

Review of my 1st Generation Panzer Headset by Battle Group Center Ireland (BGC Ireland)

It was the report of my Panzer headset on August 2016 from BGC Ireland, on my first generation Panzer Headset version W, (a two way cable able to talk and listen with PTT and K1 plug). WH Restorer Panzer Headset (W) Review BATTLEGROUP CENTRE – BGC IRELAND·TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2016 Battlegroup Centre in association with…
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My Crusher Cap-Changing Piping and visor

Got this cap from a Pakistan dealer for free