My Panzer Headsets and Throatmics collection

My Panzer Headsets and Throatmics collection

Over the years my collection of the Panzer Headsets is growing, started from relics Dfh.b to perfect Dfh.b then the Late war 44 Dfh.b and the most rare Dfh.d on last year.

Was only concentrated on the most common throatmic Kmf.b, never dream of owning the prewar Kmf.2 and the Kmf.c.



Everything started from this relic headband, first time took it apart for restoration and amazed by the simple construction and design, tried to make drawing and replica.

Didn’t expect it is became a small business.






















This is my first Kfh.b, been converted and in postwar socket, the cable seem postwar Czech.

Cleaned and painted the leather is still in good shape.

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