Newsletter No.2 (10 January 2023)

Newsletter No.2 (10 January 2023)

Dear All,

Best wishes on 2023 and keep our hobby energetic.

Looking forward for a good productive year to come.

The mailing list is growing healthily, thank you for your support.

The update of new products are as follow:


Map board

Apology again for the delay of the map board, which is moving in slow pace but guarantee highest quality.

The first batch of six are on its way to me for fitting metal and leather parts before send to first six orders.

As the weight limit is 12 boards (six pairs) in one parcel.

The schedule of the second batch to be confirm.





Dfh.a headset replica

The pre order and succeeding orders are coming in rapidly, part of the orders are sending out and hopefully to clear within two week.

There are Bulk Purchase orders of batches of four sets and above, and some with Feind hört mit! Hand Microphones.

Both are earning bulk purchase discount.




Three Versions of Dfh.a headset

Same as the Panzer Dfh.b replica, it is also has three versions for our selection.

Personally using an original Dfh.a housing to fits with a 3.5mm jack for my smartphone for years.

Now everyone can select their favour version with different cables and plugs.  




Dfh.a Under Helmet Leather Headband

The first batch is completed and looking good.

The first sample was rejected as the under thread was in black and the sewing was awful.

The second sample is really nice, and much longer to fits modern head sizes.

The bracket is in nonmagnetic material and exact replica of this rare item.

Estimate available schedule on mid February.




Replica Pertrix Trays for Torn Fu d2 Zubehör Box

The replica tray came out nicely, the press mold produced identical trays as original.

Leather strap and buckle will apply when received.

Estimate available schedule also on mid February.

Presale plan is still valid.



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