Ffh 39d (Festungsfernhörer 39 doppelt) Bunker Headset for PC is available now

Ffh 39d (Festungsfernhörer 39 doppelt) Bunker Headset for PC is available now

**New Headset for PC**

Developed from the request from more clients for a headset for PC use.

Initially request was a Panzer Headset version P with long cable with 3.5 mm TRS Stereo plug.

But the Y shape cable is an obstacle when using keyboard or other instrument.

The Bunker Headset is the best choice.

It is all similar to a Panzer headset but with larger cable inlet at one side and the cable goes over the headband to other housing.

With the following features:

  • Thin 8 ohm 1.5W mini speakers.
  • 1.2m long 4mm black PVC three cores soft cable. $5 for extra 50cm in length.


  • Black or Orange Brown rubber earpads.
  • 3.5mm TRS Stereo Jack for PC—$238
  • Two Prong Audio Plug for normal plug into radio–$260


More pics for reference:





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