German `Food Container (Speisenträger)Norway HØYANG made1953??

German `Food Container (Speisenträger)Norway HØYANG made1953??

The all aluminum Speisenträger found no markings all over, covered with layers of paints and peeling off all round, its robust and in good shape. I though it is the early all aluminum container body and inner container, so it must be around 1930 to 1940 or earlier.

The choice of repaint or preserve was haunting me for weeks until wife complained that paint fragments on the floor daily.

During the stripping off the paint a big red OT found wrote onto the bare aluminum at the back side, matching the OT carved on the cover and yellow letters of XXXX Badg S on the front, my Norwegian friend said it may means ‘Brigade South’, may be use by the Norwegian Arm Force in 50s.

After stripped off all the paints founded the unexpected markings; ‘HØYANG 1953’ and carved ‘OT’ at the outer side of the cover and rim of the body. Its NOT GERMAN and NOT PERIOD.

Google said ‘Høyang’ is one of the big four of aluminum factories in Norway since 1912. The others are: Ilovan, Halden Aluminum and Triangel.

However the period ladle–Schöpflöffel ‘1936 E.F.G.’ fits the loops inside the cover well, also every features are identical to the period German version, the butterfly nuts, the handles and loops for carrying straps. The body shell and base was spot welled with rivets repaired at the front.

May be Norway was supplying food container to Germany since early or before 30’s.

Asked around but no one saw it before and don’t know it is existing, may be some of the existing Speisenträger today are also has this logo covered under thick layers of paint.

Any information of this version on before and after 1950 are always welcome.



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