WL SpKl Bluetooth DIY kit

WL SpKl Bluetooth DIY kit



The set is for modify the original WL SpKl boxes into a Bluetooth speaker and plug into the headset sockets of original or replica radios as a normal loudspeaker.

(Not recommended to match with period loudspeakers). 

Complete set $68 + postage

Without speaker $43 + postage

The kit consists of:

*6 to 6.5 inches 4 to 8 ohm loudspeaker x 1

*Mounting straps and slot screws washers and nuts for match with the holes on box x4 sets

*12V-24V Bluetooth receiver unit x 1

*Two core cable male/female connector for battery x 1

* Wires 12cm in length for speaker/selector/Bluetooth/Battery x 5

*Banana plug (Black/Red) x 2

*Switch 3 points x 1

*Switch 6 points x 1

*Twisted cable 1.2m x 1 ($5 per meter for extra length)

*Velcro tape x2

Without speaker $45

12-24V Bluetooth unit, before and after installed protective cover.

Due to postal regulation battery is forbitten to be send by post.

It is easily to purchase locally as well as on eBay.

12V 300mAh recharageable battery is recommend.

Some with on/off switch able to switch off when not to be use in short future.


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