Painted my 1953 Norway 13L Food Container

Painted my 1953 Norway 13L Food Container

My luck or not, as I want a per war to early war Speisenträger in all aluminum.

If it is an original, according to critics this is a sin to remove original paint as many people want to keep it for next generation collectors after we die even half of the paint is falling apart.

However Restorer do restoring my collection anyway.

Now I can covering the post war non German tin freely and the color is Feldgrau or Dark Green. 

But I don’t have RAL color, model color is the only choice, and happened to have few cans of Tamiya AS3 Luftwaffe Dark Green so why not.

Also have Rust Oleum Metallic Primer near by, so the whole painting was completed within a day.

I had patched up the OT engraved at the front of the housing by Light Curing putty.

Also ordered a stencil ” Nicht aufs Feuer Stellen” “Not to put on fire” to be apply onto the cover for covering the HØYANG 1953 in white.

Lastly wrapping the lather onto the handles and dye into light tan color, made it to a piece of furniture in my collection. 



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